Tamarindo Arts Foundation

I initially created an organic and bold logo for the client’s upcoming arts festival in Costa Rica’s seaside town of Tamarindo, called Tamarindo Art Wave. The design was meant to be bold and easily recognizable from a distance, with blues and teals that link to Tamarindo’s well-known ocean/surfing culture.


From there, a variation of the initial logo was derived for the event’s overhead foundation, the Tamarindo Arts Foundation. The two logos are bound by similar font and layout treatments, while the foundation’s logo is simplified for a more professional appearance and incorporates a watercolor treatment within the text for depth.


Overall, the client was very happy with both logos, saying:

“…It has been a true pleasure working with Geri for many reasons! She understands very well what the client expects/needs, she is very responsive and respects deadlines, she’s inspired and cooperative… a very reliable and good designer!”